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Heave Away Me Jollies is a traditional sea chantey from Newfoundland.

The joyful rollicking feel of the chantey lends itself to the hand claps and foot stomps included in the choral arrangement. They should be performed with gusto and spirit! During the instrumental sections, feel free to improvise and embellish with added choreography such as adding step dancing or Irish jig style dance set in front or to the side of the choir. Be sure to end the piece with a powerful accented “Heeyah!


Available in SATB, TBB, 3 pt mixed and 2 pt.

Heave Away Me Jollies MP3

  • The purchase of this performance/accompaniment track is a license to use in the following limited ways.


    • The license for this performance/accompaniment track is non-transferable
    • retains all the rights to the music composition and the performance/accompaniment track
    • The license for this track can be used only as an accompaniment recording for a live vocal or choral performance and/or rehearsal purposes.
    • This performance/accompaniment track can not be redistributed, shared, or posted online for public downloading.
    • This license grants synchronization rights only for use by the purchasing choral group for live vocal performances of concerts and posted on Facebook or YouTube.
    • This performance/accompaniment track can not be used in the creation of audio recordings intended for sale or mass produced to be included on CD’s, iTunes, streaming, etc. without special permission granted by
    • Choral Groups and schools may distribute free videos of live performances using the performance/accompaniment track on DVDs or social media, however if payment is required permission must be obtained by


    Please contact us at for any questions or special permission requests

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