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Latest and Featured Chorals and Musicals Spring 2024


Music of Many Lands

las chiapanecas.jpg

 *NEW* Las Chiapanecas  [Mexico]

Widely known as the Mexican Hand Clap Song, this spirited waltz is a joyful song of celebration that is lots of fun to sing! The unofficial state song of Chiapas, it can be performed here in both English and Spanish with enunciation and translation provided. Available in 2 part and 3 part mixed voicings.

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luli luli.jpg

 *NEW* Luli, Luli [Ukraine]

Partnering a traditional Ukrainian lullaby with an original melody and English lyrics, this arrangement brings a poignancy and a melancholy tone that is meant to bring awareness to the plight of the Ukrainian people. It is the composer's wish that the day will come when every women, man, and child can awaken to a world filled with peace and promise. An enunciation guide and transliteration of lyrics is included. Available in 2 part and SAB/SATB voicings.

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Hands'crossthe ocean.jpg

*NEW* Hands ‘Cross the Ocean [Hebrew]

The traditional Hebrew folk song Tum Balalaika is partnered with an original countermelody in this engaging choral work that can be performed by any combination of voices. The heartfelt message of peace, unity, and loving acceptance of all humankind shines through in this lovely setting. 2 part partner song any combination.

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*FEATURED* Minoi, Minoi. Minoi [Samoa, South Pacific]

This bright and joyful song is a traditional folk song from the Samoan Islands. The engaging rhythms and fun-to-sing melody with a mix of English and simple traditional Samoan lyrics are so easy to learn. An easy ukulele accompaniment has been added for your young ukulele players as well as percussion parts that are all popular musical sounds of this beautiful South Pacific Island! Available in 2 part and 3 part mixed voicings.

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*FEATURED* Vela Sikubone [South Africa]

Translated roughly as "Come forth, let us see you!" this traditional South African song is a solid opening selection. With just a few repeated phrases in the Xhosa language, this is easy to teach and perform. Accompanied with piano or track, but you can add percussion for bongos, congas, claves, and shakers with notated parts in the score. Add some simple movement to complete the effect. Available in 2 part, 3 part mixed and SATB voicings.

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*NEW* Bound for Australia [Australian sea shantey] 

Heave away! This spirited traditional sea shanty will captivate the imagination with its catchy lyrics and swashbuckling rhythms. Also known as Cape Cod Girls, this easy-to-learn song has simple harmonies for young singers and will be so fun to perform! Available in 2 part and 3 part mixed voicings.

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*FEATURED* De Colores [Spain]

Here's a traditional Spanish folk song that celebrates the many colors of the world! Originally used to welcome spring, this upbeat and cheerful song came to be used as a song of unity and celebration of the beautiful colors and diversity of the people of the world. Most of the lyrics are in Spanish, but you can also sing a verse in English. Pronunciation guide and translation are provided in the octavo. Available in 2 part and 3 part mixed voicings.

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*FEATURED* Turn Ye to Me [Scotland]

Written in the early 1800s, this traditional Scottish folk song has a melancholy melody and gently lilting feel from the piano and flute accompaniment. Some simple Gaelic words are interspersed with the English text, bringing an authenticity and freshness to the arrangement. Available in SATB and SSA voicings.

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Songs of Love, Peace, Kindness


*NEW* Celebrate the Differences  

If we could just teach one another to love, honor, cherish, and respect each other, what a wonderful world we could create! This upbeat song embraces these qualities in an easy-to-sing setting that is both memorable and important. Spirited and uplifting, an extended character education lesson is included within the score. Available in 2 part and 3 part mixed voicings.

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*FEATURED* Sing to Martin Luther King

Inspired by the life and words of the American hero Martin Luther King Jr., this celebratory original partner song is the perfect way to honor his legacy - for MLK Day or any time of year. It is designed to be very quickly learned, easily partnering two melodies into a simple harmonic texture that will allow the message to shine through.

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times and seasons.jpg

*NEW* Times and Seasons

"Times and seasons, rhymes and reasons, everything has a place you see. 'Cross the nation, all creation can live together peacefully." The lyrics of this gentle and thoughtful original song speak of acceptance and living in harmony with people and nature. Consider for Earth Day or any concert programming year-round.

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*FEATURED* Sing a Song of Peace 

This gentle original song offers a plea for peace in our world. It partners cleverly with the patriotic favorite This Is My Country by Don Raye and Al Jacobs to create a simple harmonic texture that is easy to sing and inspiring to perform.  2 part partner song, any combination.

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*FEATURED* A Home Within Our Heart

Extracted from the musical "The Castaways," a play based on the true story of children who were homeless in New York City at the turn of the century, this song underscores the need to be caring and compassionate "to those who are less fortunate than we." A beautiful melody is matched with poignant lyrics that will make us all stop and consider how we might treat each other better. Available 2 part, 3 part mixed and SATB vocings.

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*FEATURED* My Purpose 

"May I live a life worth living, one for loving and for giving. Yes, this must be my purpose and my call! And may I always hear the music in it all." A powerful inspirational message partnered with a lovely melody and supportive piano accompaniment makes this a terrific choice for final concerts, graduations and moving-on ceremonies. Available 2 part, 3 part mixed and SATB voicings.

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*NEW* Two Opera Selections

With two contrasting selections under one cover from the opera "Hansel and Gretel," your two-part choir can explore the style and background of the work while enjoying the performance. The elegant Evening Prayer is harmonically rich, while the upbeat and playful Won't You Come and Dance with Me offers simple choreography and a fun-to-sing texture. Charming!

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His Masterpiecec.jpg

*NEW* His Masterpiece

His Masterpiece was commissioned by Dr. Robert Oster, Director of the Lakewood Area Choral Society to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the choral society’s inception. We jointly decided that the theme be centered around the word “music” as it relates and touches all of us so deeply and profoundly. The lyrics for His Masterpiece evolved literally from this desire to write something unique, memorable, and touching on my own personal connection to the significance of music and where the true flow of inspiration genuinely begins. The lyrics to the song are printed separately in the score, and it is suggested that as part of your performance, copies be printed and distributed to the audience. The lyrics to the song truly say it all and as the closing lyrics state: I am one small voice you see, but through His grace and majesty, Hes lovingly inspired me and now He has bestowed through me His Music, His Masterpiece, His Music." Available in SATB voicing with piano accompaniment. SATB voicing.

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*FEATURED* My America

This energetic patriotic original was written to celebrate the beauty and diversity of all the people who live in our country and commissioned for the INMEA All State Middle School Honor Choir. The lyrics stress kindness and treating each other with respect, and the upbeat musical setting is fun and easy to sing. Some divisi in each voicing gives your developing choir the opportunity to grow and create full harmonic textures for the big moments in the piece. Available in 2 part, 3 part mixed and SATB voicings

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Simply Amazing Grace.jpg

*NEW* Simply Amazing Grace

Partner songs are always inventive, teachable, and fun to sing! This masterful blend of the tune SIMPLE GIFTS with the immortal hymn Amazing Grace is well crafted, easy to prepare and present, and highly compelling. From the Joyfully Sing! 360 Series Two part partner song any combination.

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Musicals for Spring 


*FEATURED* Get Hoppin'

This engaging, easy to learn musical, with six upbeat songs tells the story in music and rhyme of Bunny Sue, the youngest member of a rabbit family who refuses to hop! After many trials and tribulations, her Mother and Father finally decide to call in the doctor who sadly proclaims that Bunny Sue is a Hopless case! Before all hope is totally lost however, Bunny Sue happens upon a family having a picnic and listening to music. Captivated by the musical sounds, Bunny Sue feels the music and begins to joyfully hop around to the tune The Musics in Me. The answer was simple as simple can be, Bunny had musical talent you see. Once Bunny Sue began to hop, there was no way to stop her! Needless to say, performers and audiences will be captivated by this imaginative musical and delighted to learn that it truly has a very Hoppy Ending.

The director's score comes with reproducible singers' parts, and performance/accompaniment MP3s are also available. With flexible casting and ideas for staging, costumes, and scenery, this is perfect for grades K-3!

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*FEATURED* Of Mice and Mozart

A classic for grades 2-5 celebrates the life of Mozart! Featuring flexible casting and ideas for staging, scenery, and costumes, it uses rhyming text to tell the story of Mozart's life from the perspective of the descendants of the mice who lived in the woodwork of his house. Mozart's melodies are paired with humorous lyrics, from the opening theme based on Symphony No. 40 to the comic Musicians Will Always Be Baroque and a touch of the rap of Mozart, We Sing to You. These songs and creative puns will educate and delight students and audiences! The director's score comes with reproducible singers' parts, and performance/accompaniment MP3s are also available. Approx. 30 minutes.

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*FEATURED* Wackadoo Zoo  A classic for early grades features happy but mixed-up animals who make the wrong sounds. Cows that say meow, lions that crow, and monkeys that bray... A Professor of Linguistics tries to straighten them out, with hilarious results. They all learn a valuable lesson about the importance of being unique and special. The clever rhyming dialogue is simple to learn, and the six delightful songs are arranged for unison voices. The director's score comes with reproducible singers' parts, and performance/accompaniment MP3s are also available. With flexible casting and ideas for staging, costumes, and scenery, this is perfect for grades K-3!​

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*FEATURED* The Castaways

Grounded in historical fact, The Castaways' plot, delivered through flashbacks, reveals the struggles of immigrant children on the streets of New York City in the early 1900s. Ultimately the happy endings for these castaways takes them to homes with Midwestern families. Their poignant stories sensitize today's children to the stark realities of homelessness, making this a fitting vehicle for a fundraiser for homeless children and shelters. Eight fabulous songs help tell the significant story of this profoundly researched musical. Songs include: A Home Within Our Heart; The Castaways; Shoe Shine Song; The Milky Way; Trickster's Tune; The Getaway; Little Child and Choose Me. Performance time: approx. 50 minutes. Grades 4-9.

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singing in copy.gif

*FEATURED* Singin’ in the Rainforest  

Explore all the layers of the rainforest with this collection of songs and activities designed for both music and general classroom use. Singin' in the Rainforest can be performed in its entirety as a musical revue, or it can be divided into smaller segments to reinforce learning done in other disciplines across the curriculum. This collection includes 14 reproducible educational activities, a Rainforest Vocabulary and Facts Guide, Life Science Curriculum Objectives, and Fast Facts for Teachers. 20 minutes.

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*FEATURED* United We Stand!  

United We Stand brings us to Independence Hall, back in the summer of 1787, where some of our best-known founding fathers are rhyming, singing and dancing their way to a compromise that will ultimately bring about the ratification of the United State Constitution. This lively mini-musical stresses the importance of working together for the common good, and it's a fun and engaging cross-curricular tool. Songs include: The Constitution Song; What a State We're In; It's Wise to Compromise; United We Stand and This Is America. 20 minutes.

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*FEATURED* Johnny Appleseed

A new edition of this timely musical, now with an updated script! Johnny Appleseed, one of American folklore's most colorful characters, comes to life in this lively six-song mini-musical. Johnny's extraordinary life and love for all living things is told as a modern-day grandpa reads a bedtime story to his grandchildren. The action moves from present to past as the audience learns of Johnny's boyhood dream to cross the wilderness, then follows him as he plants apple seeds throughout the land. Johnny Appleseed's sincere appreciation of nature and his thoughtful consideration of others serve as underlying themes for this musical play - a wonderful teaching tool and example for young people and audiences of all ages. The 35-minute musical can be successfully performed in a wide variety of settings. The cast size is very flexible and appropriate for a wide range of grade levels. The accompaniment track is beautifully orchestrated. The teacher edition includes piano/vocal arrangements, dialog, helpful production guide, and digital access to PDFs of singer songsheets and dialog. To perform with recordings, there are two options: a performance/accompaniment CD is available separately; and for cost-saving value, the performance kit/audio access includes the teacher edition and performance/accompaniment audio recordings via digital access. Songs include: Johnny Appleseed; I Have a Dream; The Apple Song; Happy Feet; Apple Pickin' Song; Times and Seasons. 35 minutes.

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*FEATURED* Let's Pass it On

This easy-to-prepare musical presentation is the first in the "Rise and Shine Musical" series created by Jill and Michael Gallina.  Designed to be performed on risers this series features shortened performance times and limited use of props.  "Let's Pass it On" encourages students to pass on good deeds promoting positive feelings.  Each of the 5 musical selections is preceded by an easy introductory narration in the form of a rhyming script with 24 speaking parts.  Basic riser-style choreography suggestions are included, or the songs can be performed without movement.  No costumes or scenery are required for this production, but some hand-held props are suggested. The kit includes the teacher's score, reproducible student parts, and a performance/accompaniment CD.  20 minutes.

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*FEATURED* Bada Bing, It’s Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, but the flowers have yet to bloom. While the children are waiting for nice weather, the weeds have popped up but the flowers remain hidden underground. It takes the clever Dandelion Queen to figure out why and bring about the first blossoms of the season! This charming, easy-to-stage musical is designed specifically for grades K-4. The unison songs, brief rhyming script, creative costume ideas, and simple staging suggestions will make your primary production a snap. Reproducible student pages, full performance and accompaniment recordings, plus full-color cover art are included on the enhanced CD.

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