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Sacred Musicals

Guess Who’s Coming to Bethlehem

Here is a heartfelt, fun and moving Christmas musical that's perfect for kids.  The animals in the Bethlehem stable have been informed of the coming Messiah, but they aren't quite sure who it will be.  The lamb naturally thinks it's a lamb, the dove thinks it's a dove who will come and bring peace, and the other animals have their own thoughts as to who this mysterious visitor will be.  Through easy-to-prepare songs and rhyming dialog, this adorable musical tells the Christmas story in a fresh and creative way.  20 minutes.

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Watch a video performance:

Watch a performance with costumes:

Mr. Pfister’s Christmas Time Travelers

Hop aboard Mr. Pfister’s Time Traveling Machine for an unforgettable journey to the heart of Christmas! When three kids stop by Mr. Pfister’s Fix-It Shop for a simple iPhone repair, they stumble upon his top-secret invention…a time machine! They soon talk him into taking them on a journey in the rickety contraption. But instead of landing them at their preferred Disneyworld destination, Pop plops them into Bethlehem on the night Jesus is born to learn about the true Spirit of Christmas. Fun and meaningful story-telling.

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Silent Mice, Holy Mice

This darling musical tells the story of how the world's most beloved Christmas carol, Silent Night, came to be written. Filled with humor and fun, this unforgettable Christmas tale is shared through the antics of some very wise mice and a lazy church cat named Sebastian. Designed with elementary voices in mind, it offers children's choirs easy to sing melodies and clever text themes that make learning both quick and enjoyable. Songs include: Silent Mice, Holy Mice; A Cozy Little Nest; Gentle Servant; Cat and Mouse; Two Heads are Better Than One; Silent Night. 

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*The Tale of the Drowsy Shepherd* All New Digital Format

Meet Aaron, a poor and earnest shepherd who loves his job…but he has one problem: He can’t stay awake while counting his sheep! Enter I.B. Eweing, President/CEO of Wee R Sheep who tells Aaron if he doesn’t stop dozing off and the sheep running away, he’s going to be fired. However, when a miracle happens in Bethlehem one night, Aaron is inspired to follow his dreams and a happy ending is in store for all. It’s easily prepared and presented with as few as 8 children. From the veteran musical writing team of Michael and Jill Gallina, this musical is both hilarious and heartwarming. 30 minutes.

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Watch a focus video discussion about the musical with Jill and Michael Gallina, Mark Cabaniss and Susan Eernisse:

The Two by Two Zoo Cruise

Old man Noah may never be the same after this clever take on his historic voyage.  From the creative pens of Michael and Jill Gallina comes a happy tale full of rainbows and promises.  Designed with the youngest voices in mind, the humor and message of this work engages youngsters and adults alike.  Supported by a full line of companion products, this sensational non-seasonal offering for children's choir will be a delight for all.  Ideal for summer camps and even Vacation Bible School! 

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