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Here is a special virtual or traditional classroom collection to make Halloween a happy Happening at your school for this year and many years to come. Jill Gallina has combined infectious tunes, imaginative lyrics, and ideas for creative movement into eight songs. As a result of their special appeal to children ranging from Pre-K to Fifth grade, these songs can serve as the basis for a school wide celebration. Songs can be assigned either by grade level or classroom thereby providing for an enjoyable all-school Halloween Celebration!


This classroom kit can be used successfully in both remote and classroom settings.

Each Classroom Kit comes with:

  • A non-transferable license that provides purchaser with mechanical, synchronization, and streaming rights
  • Reproducible pdf with lyric sheets for all 8 songs
  • Reproducible pdf with creative dramatization and movements suggestions for all 8 songs for both virtual and classroom use
  • A full performance mp3
  • All components in Kit available for immediate download!

Halloween Happenings Classroom Kit for Virtual or Traditional Classrooms

  • If you’re trying to purchase the MP3 while using your school’s internet, you may be blocked by a firewall.

    Here are two options for completing your purchase:

    OPTION 1:

    Speak to your school’s IT expert and ask them to “white list” our website so that you can go ahead and make the purchase while on school grounds.

    OPTION 2:

    Try again from your home computer/internet.

    Please contact us at if you continue to have any problems


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