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Latest and Featured Chorals and Musicals

Holiday and Winter Chorals


 *NEW* Alegría, Alegría, Alegría

Spanish and English Puerto Rican folk song

Sung as part of the traditional Christmas festivities, this Puerto Rican folk song offers both a Spanish and singable English text about Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem. Designed for beginning harmony singers, this approachable arrangement offers melodic and harmonic support in the accompaniment, which can be enhanced with a stylized accompaniment track. Available in SAB and 2-Part voicings

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 *NEW* Sparkling Christmas Tree

Flashlight choreography

Create a living, singing Christmas tree with your choir with this engaging original song that uses easy staging and mini-flashlight choreography. With a positive message of spreading peace and love throughout the world, this song is sure to please singers and audiences alike! 2-Part any combination.

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 *NEW* Dónde esta Santa Claus

Digital format

Where Is Santa Claus? For any child waiting for Christmas to arrive, this is a reasonable question to ask! This delightful south-of-the-border pop song features optional claves and maracas (included), as well as parts for two mariachi trumpets, available separately. Ole!  Available 2-Part any combination.

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 *NEW* Autumn Leaves

Optional Orff instruments

This bright and bouncy choral is arranged for 2-part voices, any combination with optional Orff [soprano, alto, and bass xylophones] and claves, maracas, and woodblock. Available to purchase separate parts or Complete Kit.

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*NEW* Have a Very Merry Christmas Day 

English or Tagalog (language of the Philippines)

The bright, engaging lyrics and the joyful melody of this swingin' original holiday song captures the true infectious spirit of all the many customs, emotions, and joys of the holiday season. Arranged in two versions, English and Tagalog (a language of the Philippines), it's a fun number for any holiday concert. The Tagalog version contains a transliteration and English lyrics. Available SATB.

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*FEATURED* Have a Cool, Cool Yule

Add choreography!

Santa's riding in on a wave of retro surfer rock! Choirs of all ages will love this upbeat holiday novelty with its melodic hook, singable harmonies and danceable beat. Add some simple choreography or holidays props, and you'll have a show-stopping way to say "Merry Christmas!" Available SATB, 3-Part Mixed and 2-Part.

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*FEATURED* Think Snow

Perfect for winter concerts

 "Think snow, everywhere you go, and soon the snowflakes will appear!" This optimistic winter-themed song will pique the imagination and fun-loving spirit of snow lovers everywhere. Easy to learn and put together, it's a perfect fit for your winter concert or any kind of snowy celebration! 2-Part any combination.

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*NEW* A Round 'Bout Winter

Winter round with choreography

This lively original round celebrates fun activities in both climates of the season, whether the cold north or the warm south. Repeated patterns make this easy to learn, and simple choreography adds a special touch to this engaging winter song. 2-Part any combination.

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*FEATURED* Ugly Christmas Sweater

Perfect for adding choreography

Everyone loves an ugly Christmas sweater party! This hilarious holiday novelty song will bring an element of fun to your December concert. Add some choreography and sweaters, and you'll have an unforgettable showstopper that your choir and audience will love! Available SATB, 3-Part Mixed and 2-Part.

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*FEATURED* Calypso Cradle Carol

This inventive piece celebrates our Savior's birth in a joyful and reverent way by embellishing the music with rhythm instruments such as conga drum, claves, triangle, and bass. The middle section serves as a bright counterpoint to the minor calypso style utilized throughout the rest of the piece. Fun! SATB/SAB and 2 -part.

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Partner Songs for Fall/Winter/Holiday


 *NEW* It All Began in Bethlehem 

Partner song with O Little Town of Bethlehem

This lovely partner song introduces a charming new text and tune which seamlessly pairs with the classic O Little Town of Bethlehem. The alto part first harmonizes wtih the soprano and then the bass before all three lines merge for a sweet ending. A welcome addition for today's choirs. Available SAB.

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*FEATURED* Sing to Martin Luther King

Celebrate this great American!

Inspired by the life and words of the American hero Martin Luther King Jr., this celebratory original partner song is the perfect way to honor his legacy - for MLK Day or any time of year. It is designed to be very quickly learned, easily partnering two melodies into a simple harmonic texture that will allow the message to shine through.

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*FEATURED* Christmas Cookies

Performance suggestions

Looking for a cute holiday novelty that's easy to put together and high on audience appeal? This simple partner-song setting gives you two charming melodies that pair perfectly with each other for singers who are just starting to learn about harmony. Include the optional choreography suggestions for some added festive fun!

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*NEW* Holiday Lights

Partner song for Christmas and Hanukkah

What could be more special then a partner song that celebrates the beautiful lights of both Christmas and Hanukkah? The bright colored lights of the Christmas tree and the flickering flames of the menorah candles are treated individually before blending together to form a lovely partner song that highlights the joy of these two great holidays.

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*FEATURED* On a Starlit Night

Partner song with Silent Night

Two-part choirs will delight in the wondrous simplicity of this partner-song arrangement of the beloved carol Silent Night and an original countermelody. This is a true gem for the Christmas season, and extremely easy to learn and sing. Extraordinarily beautiful!

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*FEATURED* Lots of Latkes

Perfect partner for Hanukkah!

Celebrate Hanukkah in a fun and memorable way! The lyrics dramatize making delicious potato latkes, and the partner-song setting is engaging and easy to learn. Some added sections of rhythmic chant and a cute coda add some extra pizzazz, and the optional choreography just tops it all off!

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*FEATURED* Who is This Child?

Partner song with Away in a MangerA sweet original melody and lyrics are partnered with the beloved carol Away in a Manger for a gentle song of quiet adoration for baby Jesus. Very easily learned, the two melodies are sung separately first and then partnered to create simple, elegant harmony.

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*FEATURED* Luli, Luli

Ukrainian lullaby of peace!

Partnering a traditional Ukrainian lullaby with an original melody and English lyrics, this arrangement brings a poignancy and a melancholy tone that is meant to bring awareness to the plight of the Ukrainian people. It is the composer's wish that the day will come when every women, man, and child can awaken to a world filled with peace and promise. An enunciation guide and transliteration of lyrics is included. Available  SAB/SATB and 2-Part.

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*FEATURED* La Piñata

Spanish and English with performance suggestions

Add to your holiday celebrations with this charming song from the Mexican/Latin American holiday Las Posadas. The traditional song is presented in Spanish (with a phonetic pronunciation underneath), and then an original melody with English lyrics partners perfectly to create a two-part texture. Easy to learn, and a wonderful way to learn and celebrate the holiday!

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Fall, Holiday and Winter Musicals 


*NEW* Holiday Gift wRappers

Perfect for celebrating any holiday

Perfect for elementary students, this one-act musical takes place in a toy store and is so much fun to perform! Under the guidance of a group of holiday "gift wRappers," the audience is taken on a musical journey to three different departments: Toys for Tots, High-Tech Toys, and Stuffed Animals. The last surprise department has gifts that are perfect for everyone and are absolutely free: love and kindness! Five unison songs and 12 speaking parts are included, though there is flexibility in how the speaking parts may be divided. The director's kit comes with full scores, staging suggestions, and reproducible singer's pages.

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*FEATURED* A Sombrero for Santa

Spanish and English

This charming musical play for elementary students takes Santa and the elves to Mexico to vacation and to learn Spanish. While there, they learn the North Pole is snowbound, so they decide to set up the toy workshop there until Rudolph gets through with the sleigh! This delightful story includes 21 Spanish words and six unison/two-part songs. With flexible casting, staging and costume guides, a pronunciation guide, and reproducible singers' parts, this is the perfect show for any size school! The MP3 features Latin percussion instruments and mariachi brass, creating an authentic Mexican Christmas.​

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*FEATURED* Guess Who’s Coming to Bethlehem

Perfect for K-3

Here is a heartfelt, fun and moving Christmas musical that's perfect for kids. The animals in the Bethlehem stable have been informed of the coming Messiah, but they aren't quite sure who it will be. The lamb naturally thinks it's a lamb, the dove thinks it's a dove who will come and bring peace, and the other animals have their own thoughts as to who this mysterious visitor will be. Through easy-to-prepare songs and rhyming dialog, this adorable musical tells the Christmas story in a fresh and creative way. 20 minutes.

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*FEATURED* Arctic Animal Antics

Perfect winter musical review

It's time for the annual Snow Ball with a talented group of cold climate friends ready to entertain you. Join hearty polar bears who refuse to take a snooze, good natured arctic terns, hi-falutin' penguins dressed to the nines, and multi-talented seals who are sure to seal the deal. This easy-to-stage mini-musical is specifically designed for primary-age students. The all-in-one format features piano/vocal arrangements, scripts with 18 short speaking parts, costumes and staging suggestions, audio access to the performance/accompaniment recordings, as well as projectable/printable PDFs of melody sheets, lyric sheets and dialog, all under one cover. 20 minutes.

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*FEATURED* Snoozy Snowflake

Perfect winter mini-musical for K-3

This unison mini-musical has Snoozy Snowflake reluctant to fall in line with the tasks of the other snowflakes - which holds up the first snowfall of winter! Through an easy-to-memorize rhyming script and adorable songs, Snoozy discovers that each of us is special and offers unique contributions to family, school and community. This reproducible mini-musical has a rhyming script, a director's score, and choreography, costume, set, prop and performance suggestions as well as an enhanced performance/accompaniment CD. 20 minutes.

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*FEATURED* The Tale of the Drowsy Shepherd

Flexible cast size

Meet Aaron, a poor shepherd who just can't seem to stay awake while counting his sheep. He is on the brink of being fired from his job, but the many travels of our wayward shepherd finally lead him to the manger where he witnesses the miracle of Christ's birth. After this glorious event he is renewed, inspired and determined to follow his dreams. Easily prepared and presented with as few as eight children, this musical is both hilarious and heartwarming. 30 minutes

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*FEATURED* Mr. Pfister’s Christmas Time Travelers

Perfect for small casts

Hop aboard Mr. Pfister's Time Traveling Machine for an unforgettable journey to the heart of Christmas! When three kids stop by Mr. Pfister’s Fix-It Shop for a simple iPhone repair, they stumble upon his top-secret invention... a time machine! They soon talk him into taking them on a journey in the rickety contraption. But instead of landing them at their preferred Disneyworld destination, Pop plops them into Bethlehem on the night Jesus is born to learn about the true spirit of Christmas. Fun and meaningful story-telling. 20 minutes.

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