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The Castaways - American History, Character Education *Available now in a Complete Virtual Classroom Kit!

Grounded in historical fact, the Castaways' plot, delivered through flashbacks, reveals the struggles of immigrant children on the streets of New York City in the early 1900s. Ultimately the happy endings for these castaways takes them to homes with Midwestern families. Their poignant stories sensitize today's children to the stark realities of homelessness and is a fitting vehicle for a fundraiser for homeless children and shelters. Eight fabulous songs help tell the significant story of this profoundly researched musical. Performance time: approx. 50 minutes. Grades 4-9.

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Let’s Pass it On - Character Education


This easy-to-prepare musical presentation is the first in the "Rise and Shine Musical" series created by Jill and Michael Gallina.  Designed to be performed on risers this series features shortened performance times and limited use of props.  "Let's Pass it On" encourages students to pass on good deeds promoting positive feelings.  Each of the 5 musical selections is preceded by an easy introductory narration in the form of a rhyming script with 24 speaking parts.  Basic riser-style choreography suggestions are included, or the songs can be performed without movement.  No costumes or scenery are required for this production, but some hand-held props are suggested. The kit includes the teacher's score, reproducible student parts, and a performance/accompaniment CD.  25 minutes. 3-6 grades

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Feelin’ Good-Health - Physical Fitness

This creative musical experience will encourage children to take good care of their minds and bodies, and help them develop a positive self-image. Included in this revue are ten original rock-style songs that incorporate movement, creative dramatization and a sing-a-long.  The songs are arranged in unison with an optional second part and a complete piano accompaniment. The short dialog that precedes each song offers speaking parts for 12 and requires little memorization. Performance suggestions, props, staging and costume ideas are included and PDFs of singer songsheets and dialog are available via digital access.  You can purchase a performance/accompaniment CD separately if you do not want to obtain the audio recording via digital download. 30 minutes.

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Singin’ in the Rainforest

Explore all the layers of the rainforest with this collection of songs and activities designed for both music and general classroom use. Singin' in the Rainforest can be performed in its entirety as a musical revue, or it can be divided into smaller segments to reinforce learning done in other disciplines across the curriculum. This collection includes 14 reproducible educational activities, a Rainforest Vocabulary and Facts Guide, Life Science Curriculum Objectives, and Fast Facts for Teachers. 20 minutes.

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The Green Machine Team - Ecology

"Recycle, replenish, and renew" is the theme of "The Green Machine Team," a "Rise & Shine" musical specifically designed to be performed on choral risers. Complete with reproducible singer parts, poster and program art, composer information, and a performance/accompaniment CD, this program teaches an important lesson in a fun way! 22 minutes.

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Shake it Up With Shakespeare - English, Literature

Shakespeare not only wrote a wide range of plays and sonnets that touch upon all aspects of the "human condition," he also created words and phrases that are still very much a part of our everyday language. Through the use of an easily memorized rhyming script and a healthy sprinkling of his most famous quotes, this musical serves as the basis for an overview of five well-known Shakespearean plays. The Enhanced Teacher Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements, rhyming program script as well as choreography, prop, staging and performance suggestions. The enclosed CD-ROM offers reproducible singer and speaking parts. 30 minutes. Grades 4-8 

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​Sing Me a Story - Reading Readiness

Step into the enchanting world of reading and storytelling with this cross-curricular musical experience.  Students will meet Thumbelina. Pinocchio, the Mad Hatter, Tinkerbell, the Ugly Duckling and the Little Mermaid in this reproducible, 2 part mini-musical.  In addition to memorable songs, also includes choreography, prop and performance suggestions, an easy-to-memorize rhyming script, American Sign Language and an Enhanced Studio Trax CD. 22 minutes. Grades 2-5  

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Bada Bing It’s Spring

Spring is just around the corner, but the flowers have yet to bloom. The children are waiting for nice weather, the weeds have popped out of the earth, but the flowers remain steadfastly hidden underground. It takes the clever Dandelion Queen to figure out why, and bring about the first blossoms of the season! This charming, easy-to-stage musical is designed specifically for grades K--4. The unison songs, brief rhyming script, creative costume ideas, and simple staging suggestions will make your primary production a snap. Reproducible student pages, full performance and accompaniment recordings, plus full-color cover art are included on the enhanced CD.

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Portraits of America 

Portraits of America is a collection of eight two-part choral arrangements, with piano accompaniment, that celebrate patriotism and spreading a sense of peace, harmony and tolerance throughout the world. Three of the chorals, Land That We Love; Hands Cross the Ocean and You're a Grand Old Flag, are arranged as traditional partner songs. Whether celebrating a patriotic holiday such as Veterans Day or the Fourth of July, or selecting music appropriate for concerts for world peace and unity, any of these engaging choral works will perfectly augment your commemorative program. Performance/accompaniment audio recordings and singer PDFs are included via digital access.


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A Hip Hop a Skip and a Jump - Movement and Listening skills

Movement and music provide an excellent instructional format for teaching a broad range of musical and developmental skills. This energetic collection of ten engaging songs will help teach the emerging musician and provide growth to all students in a wide range of areas across the entire curriculum. Active listening, auditory memory and discrimination, gross motor skills, and body awareness are all a part of the participatory songs, designed with melodies and lyrics that give your students directives while they listen. Rhythmic vocal speech adds a terrific learning experience, and the comfortable vocal range allows for singing in performance. Piano/vocal arrangements are included, along with digital access to performance/accompaniment audio recordings and PDFs of singer parts. Plant and nurture the seeds of learning with these imaginative original songs: Do the Funky Thing; Hip Hop Hippity Hop; Ice Skating; Imagine That!; Jumping Beans; Can't Sit Still; Do What I Do; Soar High; Skippity Dee Skippity Doo and Settle Down Song.

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Rhythm, Rhyme and Move in Time

This is a collection of lively musical games and classroom activities for music or general classrooms. Objectives and instructions are clearly stated with suggested movements and games written within the lyrics of the songs. Each game is a mini-lesson that can be extended to a full instructional period. The budget-stretching classroom kit contains a reproducible unison collection as well as an Enhanced StudioTrax CD that includes accompaniment and performance tracks, poster, program, clip art, and composers' info. Songs include: Alphabet Soup; The Beanbag Rock; The Chicken Song; The Mirror Game and more! 


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All American Sing-Along Songs

A collection of 15 best-loved patriotic songs that all Americans love to sing, from The Star-Spangled Banner to the all-time favorite You're a Grand Old Flag. It is supplemented with lesson plans and historical facts for each song as well as an interchangeable linking script for performance options. Reproducible parts and CD are included along with the lessons, learning activities, and games. This collection is a "must-have" staple for your music library and a perfect choice for use from classrooms to community sing-alongs!


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