New Musical Offerings for School, Church, and Theater

September 2018


Welcome back to another exciting musical year! We are thrilled to share our newest musical offerings with you.


Below you'll find a wealth of music to choose from along with links to free downloads! 


New Chorals

New for Holiday and Christmas


















This inventive piece celebrates our Savior's birth in a joyful and reverent way by embellishing the music with rhythm instruments such as conga drum, claves, triangle, and bass. The middle section serves as a bright counterpoint to the minor calypso style utilized throughout the rest of the piece. 


This arrangement has been written to be performed by either SAB or SATB choirs. Fun!


Preview and purchase Calypso Cradle here or watch a video performance!

































Ugly Christmas Sweater - Perfect for Novelty Holiday or Show Choir!


Originally commissioned by the Fort Bend Boys Choir.


Also available in 2 pt, 3 pt mixed, and SATB voicings, a perfect opportunity to add the classic “Ugly Christmas Sweater” into your holiday program and make it an all school event! Even an ugly sweater contest!



Preview and purchase Ugly Christmas Sweater here or purchase the MP3 accompaniment exclusively from our website!


New Chorals

New for Concert and Performance


The first of my newest chorals is entitled “My Purpose” and was commissioned by master music teacher Kathleen Bragle for the 2018 graduates of Schalmont High School.


Available in 2 pt, 3 pt mixed and SATB, perfect for graduation or any commemorative occasion.


Preview and purchase My Purpose here or purchase the accompaniment/performance MP3 exclusively from our website!























Next is the classic partner anthem The Lord is My Shepherd.


This gentle anthem of praise is set as a 2 part partner song that works perfectly in many different combinations of voices. The two parts can be successfully divided between voices in your standard choir, divided between adult and youth choirs, choir and congregation, or just sung by two soloists as a duet.


Preview and purchase here.






















Finally, Bach Cantata BWV 184 Duetto Erwünschtes Freudenlict was commissioned for an Honor Choir performance at 2016 Texas Music Educators Conference, available in 2 parts any combination of voices in either the Key of E or the Key of D with piano accompaniment and optional parts: Flauto 1, 11, Violin 1, 11, Viola and Continuo.


Click here to preview and purchase Bach Cantata in Key of E. 


Click here to preview and purchase Bach Cantata in Key of D.




Catch the Holiday Spirit

This versatile collection of eight holiday choral pieces lends itself perfectly for your holiday or winter concert programming. Each selection is a stand-alone arrangement, however, the collection contains a short rhyming linking script so that the songs can be performed together as a cohesive, holiday production. You can successfully use all or any combination of the eight songs. The Enhanced Teacher Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements, optional program script as well as choreography and staging suggestions. The enclosed CD-ROM offers reproducible singer and speaking parts. 

Preview and purchase here.


Holiday Musicals




Our brand new sacred musical is called “Mr. Pfister’s Christmas Time Travelers”. 


Watch an interview with The Gallinas and Mark Cabaniss all about Mr. Pfister!


Preview and purchase here.



Holiday Musicals



One way the holiday season is ushered in is with decorated department store windows, and children look in at the festive scenes as color and magic abound within them!

In this reproducible musical by Michael and Jill Gallina, narrators introduce each special window display and the audience is invited to follow them as they walk down the avenue and tell about the colorful scenes that appear in the five windows featured in this production: a winter scene, a holiday in the tropics, elves making toys, holiday cooking, and a New Year's celebration to close out the musical. Through the use of holiday windows, the musical joyfully sets the stage full of color, wonder, and excitement. Written in revue-style format, this musical can be easily presented by one classroom or a number classrooms and/or grade levels. 


By assigning a different group to each of the five window scenes, it is possible to successfully involve a large number of children. The easy-to-memorize rhyming script provides for 38 speaking parts. However, that number can be doubled if only one line is given to each child. The musical includes an easy rhyming script and lots of staging and choreography suggestions. The enhanced Teacher Edition includes a Singer CD-RM with reproducible singer and speaking parts. 


For Grades 3-5. 

20 minutes.


Preview and purchase Holiday Windows here.


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Spring Musicals






Our brand new K-3 musical is called “Bada Bing It’s Spring”.


Spring is just around the corner, but the flowers have yet to bloom. The children are waiting for nice weather, the weeds have popped out of the earth, but the flowers remain steadfastly hidden underground. It takes the clever Dandelion Queen to figure out why, and bring about the first blossoms of the season! 


Preview and purchase here.


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