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Traditional Contained Classroom of Remote Teaching


The following selections work extremely well whether teaching in a traditional contained classroom or teaching remotely.

The Magic Broom from Halloween Happenings

If teaching remotely, teacher plays the part of the witch with the magic broom, and students perform motions at home as cued by the lyrics. If using in a regular school setting, choose one student to be the “witch” controlling the magic broom. Instruct children to be good listeners, as all the directions are within the lyrics.

Enjoy a free pdf and mp3 of The Magic Broom:

Magic BroomJill Gallina
00:00 / 03:02

Body Percussion from The Rhythm Band Strikes Again

If teaching either in a traditional contained classroom or remotely, instruct students to be good listeners [directions are in lyrics] and follow along with the percussive sounds as instructed in the song with you as their model.

Enjoy a free pdf and mp3 of Body Percussion:

Body PercussionJill Gallina
00:00 / 02:27

Cross Curricular

Whether or not you have been asked to incorporate music into other areas of the school curriculum, the following musicals and collections will work extremely well in addressing this need.

Oceans of Fun

From our Sing and Learn Series, each collection in the series contains 8 songs, 21 fact filled reproducible activity sheets with a wide range of engaging activities for grades 1-3. These activity sheets can either be shared with classroom teachers to easily coordinate into their areas of teaching, or used by the music teacher in the classroom or in remote teaching settings. There is even a short linking script for using the collection as a short performance piece.

Enjoy the mp3 and pdfs of the music, puzzles and activities for All About Sharks:

All About SharksJill Gallina
00:00 / 02:26

There are 3 other Sing and Learn collections including:

Sing and Play About the USA - Geography


Singin’ in the Rainforest - Science and Ecology

Dino Soaring - Earth science and history

View other cross curricular musicals >

Johnny Appleseed

Story Theater provides an excellent opportunity to provide students with a theatrical experience without the necessity of props, scenery or costumes. Assign a speaking part [ parts can be divided or doubled to accommodate class size] to each child. All children learn the songs.

Encourage children to read with expression and add creative dramatization if called for.

Story theater concept works perfectly in either traditional or remote learning situations.

Enjoy a free pdf (the opening dialog follows the 1st song “Johnny Appleseed” and 2nd set of dialog precedes the 2nd song, “I Have a Dream”) and mp3 from Johnny Appleseed:

I Have A DreamJill Gallina
00:00 / 02:10

Watch a quarantine performance:

United We Stand

Music provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate cross-curricular subject and coopt your classroom teachers in a joint educational experience.

This can easily be taught as a Story Theater activity or performed traditionally, all while teaching history, geography and the Constitution in a fun musical way.

Enjoy these free pdf’s and mp3’s from United We Stand: 

01 The Constitution SongJill Gallina
00:00 / 02:16

Watch performance (starts at 1:50):

Free Chorals:

Rounds and Partner Songs make excellent choral selections to teach either remotely or in a traditional choral setting.

Read about the multi uses and musical versatility of partner songs in this free pdf:

Enjoy a free pdf and mp3 from Two Israeli Folk Songs: 

Two Israeli Folk SongsJill Gallina
00:00 / 01:43

Enjoy a free pdf of Spin, Spin, Spin (Round for Hanukkah 2 pt any combination):

01 Carol of the AngelsJill Gallina
00:00 / 03:09

Enjoy a free pdf and mp3 of Carol of the Angels (a partner song with Angels We Have Heard on High) from Together at Christmas:

Enjoy a free pdf from There is a Crown SATB acapella (perfect to fine tune and emphasize intonation):

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