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Chorals - Christmas and Church Service


In His Eyes

This lovely choral has a message relevant throughout time that "in His Eyes, we are one, all God's children ‘neath the sun". A beautiful sentiment of unity, compassion, and acceptance. The two parts can be successfully performed with any combination of voices.

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One Child

This beautiful original carol with its expressive musical line and harmony, enhances the contemporary style and timeless message of this Christmas work. Available: SATB

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From the Republic of Congo, this wonderfully rhythmic traditional African folk tune is sung in the Lingala language. The lyric joyfully expresses the angelic announcement of the birth of Emmanuel and conveys a message of hope for the world. Percussion is included in this great multicultural selection for Christmas. SATB, 3 pt mixed and 2 pt.

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Calypso Cradle Carol

This inventive piece celebrates our Savior's birth in a joyful and reverent way by embellishing the music with rhythm instruments such as conga drum, claves, triangle, and bass. The middle section serves as a bright counterpoint to the minor calypso style utilized throughout the rest of the piece. This arrangement has been written to be performed by either SAB or SATB choirs and new 2 pt arrangement. 

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Chantez Noel

This bright and joyful French tune is a favorite for many a choir and is newly arranged for mixed voices in all levels as well as for women's voices. The lyrics are in French and English, making it a fresh and stand-out choice for your holiday concert. SATB, Three Part Mixed and SSA.

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Peace Carol

Peace Carol combines the beloved carol It Came Upon the Midnight Clear with an original countermelody to form a traditional partner song. The flowing 3/4 meter gives singers an opportunity to learn and experience legato phrasing inherent in this rhythmic genre and necessary to create the gentle, expressive feel of the carol. 3 pt mixed.

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Only a Manger

This partner song by Jill Gallina incorporates the traditional Polish Carol, “Mizerna Cicha” and a new, original melody by the arranger. The minor key forges a haunting sound, creating an interesting selection for holiday programs. The violin part, included in the choral, adds cultural interest and beauty to this fine choral work. 2 pt any combination.

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Zumba Zumba

Rhythmic flair and fun fill this Spanish folk song. Partner-style singing with both Spanish and English text and optional rhythm instruments create a piece for the holidays that is full of musical teaching moments, learning excitement for your students, and a performance that shines with excellence for your audience. 2 pt any combination.

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The Lord is My Shepherd

This gentle anthem of praise is set as a 2-part partner song that works perfectly in any two part combination of voices, including a traditional choir setting. You may also want to divide the parts between your adult and youth choirs or your choir and congregation. The Lord is My Shepherd also provides an excellent opportunity to feature two of your singers in a lovely duet. 2 pt any combination.

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Musicals and Collections


The Tale of the Drowsy Shepherd

Celebrate the wonder of Christmas! There's trouble in Bethlehem! Aaron, a shepherd at Shem's Sheep Shop, is sleeping on the job and the sheep are disappearing rapidly. The President of Wee R Sheep, Inc. (I.B. Eweing) is coming for his annual inspection and if Aaron can't stay awake and shape up, he's going to have to “sheep” out! Nothing short of a miracle can change things for this drowsy shepherd... and word has it from a band of angels that a miracle has just happened in a small stable down the street. The true message of Christmas and the power of faith are presented in this easy-to-prepare and present 30-minute musical.


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Silent Mice, Holy Mice

This darling musical tells the story of how the world's most beloved Christmas carol, Silent Night, came to be written. Filled with humor and fun, this unforgettable Christmas tale is shared through the antics of some very wise mice and a lazy church cat named Sebastian. Designed with elementary voices in mind, it offers children's choirs easy to sing melodies and clever text themes that make learning both quick and enjoyable. Songs include: Silent Mice, Holy Mice; A Cozy Little Nest; Gentle Servant; Cat and Mouse; Two Heads are Better Than One; Silent Night. 

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Mr. Pfister’s Christmas Time Travelers

Hop aboard Mr. Pfister’s Time Traveling Machine for an unforgettable journey to the heart of Christmas! When three kids stop by Mr. Pfister’s Fix-It Shop for a simple iPhone repair, they stumble upon his top-secret invention…a time machine! They soon talk him into taking them on a journey in the rickety contraption. But instead of landing them at their preferred Disneyworld destination, Pop plops them into Bethlehem on the night Jesus is born to learn about the true Spirit of Christmas. Fun and meaningful story-telling.

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Once Upon a Christmas Light

It is the very first Christmas Eve and Stellar, the smallest star of all, is dutifully doing her job of preparing the stars at Galaxy Productions for another bright and starry night.  Super Nova and Grandioso, the two heads of Galaxy Productions, appear and announce that they have heard on the Greatest Authority that tonight is the night our Holy Savior will be born.  They will be holding a "star search" to determine which star is worthy of lighting the sky above the manger on this, the greatest night of all.  After many dramatic twists and turns we learn that through the love and light of God we can all be the brightest and the best!  With a flexible cast size, minimal staging requirements, simple costuming and six unison songs, this musical is sure to inspire your cast of shining stars and congregation with its profound and moving message! 

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Guess Who’s Coming to Bethlehem

Here is a heartfelt, fun and moving Christmas musical that's perfect for kids.  The animals in the Bethlehem stable have been informed of the coming Messiah, but they aren't quite sure who it will be.  The lamb naturally thinks it's a lamb, the dove thinks it's a dove who will come and bring peace, and the other animals have their own thoughts as to who this mysterious visitor will be.  Through easy-to-prepare songs and rhyming dialog, this adorable musical tells the Christmas story in a fresh and creative way.  20 minutes.

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Together at Christmas

This collection of partner songs pairs traditional Christmas carols with original songs. Songs include: Carol of the Angels; Only a Manger; O Little Town; Hark! the Herald Angels Sing; Little Star and On a Starlit Night.

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Portraits of America

Portraits of America is a collection of eight two-part choral arrangements, with piano accompaniment, that celebrate patriotism and spreading a sense of peace, harmony and tolerance throughout the world. Three of the chorals, Land That We Love; Hands Cross the Ocean and You're a Grand Old Flag, are arranged as traditional partner songs. Whether celebrating a patriotic holiday such as Veterans Day or the Fourth of July, or selecting music appropriate for concerts for world peace and unity, any of these engaging choral works will perfectly augment your commemorative program. Performance/accompaniment audio recordings and singer PDFs are included via digital access. Additional songs include: The Promise of America

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